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Privacy Policy

Techno Defender Privacy Policy

We are third party tech support provider unit over toll free number and work independently from the company. The sole purpose of the unit is to provide technical help to the users of kaspersky. Privacy policy explains all about how and what information is collected during customer support process and where and how it is used and disseminated for further support process. This is a toll free support 1-800-247-9134 number working on US hours.

Types of information collected:

Personal information: Includes First Name, Last Name, Phone No., E-mail address, Postal Address, so that we can identify the user and/or contact the user whenever required.

Payment Information: We may or may not need credit/debit card information to facilitate transactions (if any). The third party does not authenticate any further accessibility and the information is secure. The support number has a payment process of the third part type hence it may need to verify credit/ debit card and use it in transactions.

Technical information: It includes technical information about the software, system etc. The set of information asked for includes:

  • Date of purchase of the kaspersky antivirus
  • Processor and other details of the system and the software
  • Type, make and model of computer hardware
  • Software installed and hardware configured
  • Peripherals attached to the computer

How do we collect information?

The procedure to gather information is predefined by the site. We offer technical solution services through telephone to users.

Technical Support Number will access user computer only with the consent of the user. To provide with the technical support we ask for information that includes personal, as well as technical data and it entirely depends on customers to provide or not, the data.

Usage of the information gathered from the user of our services to process transactions:

We ask for the above mentioned information to be used for resolving the technical problems with the antivirus software in the following ways.

To revert on calls: We may use the contact provided by the user, at the time of registration and purchase of our services, this is in order to revert the calls for information and/or updates.

We may also use the e-mail address, to inform the user about the company news, updates, products or service, promotional offers and other such information. The technical support number does not access any information without taking consent f the user. Users are requested to be present in front of the computer while our experts are fixing technical issues thus enabling the experts to direct the users.